Terminology Explanation

GP Carried Interest / Management Fee

When the net value of a DAO fund is greater than the initial fund size, the G.P. can receive “Carried Interest,” which is shared by all G.P. members. After the “Settlement Period” commences, each G.P. can withdraw their share. The DAO creator fills the percentage of Carried Interest for each G.P. (which must cumulatively be 100% for all addresses). The Management Fee is not part of the Carried Interest; its purpose is jointly determined by the G.P. It could be used for hacker marathons, G.P. offline meetings, etc., to support the invested project.

Soft Cap / Hard Cap

Soft Cap is the minimum fundraising target of a DAO fund, while Hard Cap is the maximum amount of money that can be raised. A DAO fund must attain a Soft Cap before being issued successfully.

GP Period / LP Period

During GP Period, only the GP addresses are eligible to mint Equity Token by depositing funds. A short GP Period is recommended.
After the GP period ends, DAO owner can initiate LP Period, allowing any addresses(white list is available) to mint equity tokens by depositing funds. Equity Token is negotiable token, and its total supply depends on the the amount of funds raised.(1 share = 1 USDT/USDC…)

Add/Remove GP

When a disagreement occurs within the DAO, G.P. members can initiate the vote to Add/Remove G.P. In such occurrence, the voting initiator needs to respectively fill in the carried interest proportion for all G.P. members. Afterward, the removed G.P. will no longer enjoy the carried interest.
The option to Add /Remove G.P. is automatically disabled as soon as the DAO enters the “settlement period.”

Approve GP

A GP can initiate a vote to authorize a G.P. address to have trading privileges. The authorized G.P. can perform Swap Tokens / NFT Buying / NFT Selling and other functions within the validity period.

Q & A

Q: How do I perform Swap Tokens?
A:After the Approval GP vote, the authorized G.P. can click on the “Management” section of DAO, where they will find “Swap”.
Since we are currently in the BSC Testnet network, no actual transactions can be made. However, we have created a liquidity pool of USDT/BUSD pairs for users to test.
BUSD Contract Address: 0xcDA1E893D4ba2b844872d13122B2610c6c30a67D
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