🧬AAVE Lending

SubDAO provides lending services by accessing AAVE. The Manager can borrow a certain amount of tokens by pledging the assets in the vault.

Two Ways to Access:

1st: Apps&Settings - AAVE Lending

The following is an example of DeFi's Lending process: "Supply USDC in the vault, borrow CRV, repay CRV, get USDC back."

All operations related to Tokens in DeFi (Supply, Borrow, Repay, Withdraw) require other Managers to authorize the Token before they can operate.

For example, when pledging USDC in the vault to borrow CRV, you need to authorize it twice.

  1. First authorization: authorize your address to become a Super manager so that the address has the right to use a certain amount of USDC to supply USDC in AAVE.

  2. Second authorization: Use the [Add Token] function in Portfolio to add CRV to the vault so that the vault supports CRV assets. Then, authorize your address to become a Super manager again so that it can use a certain amount of CRV in AAVE, and then this address can perform Borrow CRV.


Authorize the use of a certain amount of USDC for collateral;

Click [Apply now] to apply for the amount;

After the authorization is approved, you can click [Supply] to enter the amount, deposit the amount, and click MetaMask signature to confirm;

Successful Supplied

Check My supplies. Your supplies will be shown;

After the supply is successful, the treasury will obtain the equivalent amToken as the supplied certificate. When the supplied Token USDC is retrieved, the amUSDC needs to be authorized before the USDC can be retrieved.

Check the Vault Token. At this time, the MATIC supplied is exchanged for amWMATIC.


Go to borrow CRV in Asset Borrow, and click the [Borrow] button;

Authorize the asset : Select the asset type and fill in the usage limit. After the application is voted through, the [Borrow] of the asset can be performed;

If the asset cannot be selected, the DAO vault has not yet supported the asset. You need to go to Portfolio and use "Add Token" to add the asset before you can select the assets in the Super Manager settings. When applying for the use of the asset, do not fill in 0 as the amount.

To borrow an asset, click [Borrow] to enter the amount to borrow. (The authorization process will not be repeated here)

Successful Borrow

Check Borrow: Switch to My borrows, showing the borrowing just toke place; borrow succeeded.


(The authorization process will not be repeated) Click [Repay] and enter the repayment amount to make the repayment.

Successfully Repay


Authorization of amUSDC Token

To retrieve the pledged USDC, you need to obtain authorization to use the amUSDC Token through Super Manager.

Click Withdraw

Enter the withdrawal amount, which cannot exceed the maximum balance.

Successful Withdrawal

To redeem the entire pledged Token, you need to pay off all the borrowed money first.

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