📩Join a DAO

How do I join a DAO?

If a user participates in the fund subscription of a DAO, he/she will become a Holder of the DAO. He/she can also negotiate with the creator of the DAO to participate in the management of the DAO as a manager of the DAO. You can access the home page of a DAO through the link sent to you by the DAO user or by directly searching for DAO on the website.

You can search for DAO through the Banner and Explore pages on the website's homepage. Currently only supports searching by DAO name.


DAOs in the subscription period can deposit in exchange for Equity Token. The end of the countdown means the end of the subscription period.

Enter the subscription amount and click Confirm to sign.

Successfully Subscribed

Equity Token after the successful subscription is displayed in My Tokens list.

Become a Manager

Add directly when first creating DAO.

Add manager through Voting.

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