🚀Before your start

Make sure your are in the right network

Network Selection

For this guide's purpose, follow demo will be performed on Polygon Network. When the system determines that the user's MetaMask wallet network is inconsistent with SubDAO, the following prompt box will pop up. Click [Switch Network], MetaMask operation signature can be switched.

Connect to Wallet

After switching to the same network, click [Connect Wallet] in the upper right corner of the system to select and connect the wallet. It is recommended to use MetaMask; after confirming the signature, the connection will be successful.

If you have used the Web3 application before, connecting to the wallet is easy; just select the wallet of your choice.

When the wallet is not connected, SubDAO shows the DAOs on Ethereum by default, users can only view the list and details of DAOs, and the functions of creating DAOs, subscribing, and voting are limited. After connecting to the wallet, you can experience the full functions of SubDAO.

After switching your wallet address and network, you need to click [Connect Wallet] again to connect.

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