The roadmap may be updated according to the actual development status and the adjustment of the strategic development direction of the project.
2022 Q1
· Ventures DAO template release
· Deployment of EVM version on Moonriver, Ethereum, and BSC.
2022 Q2
· Community DAO template release
· SubDAO Smart Pool release for DeFi participation
· Providing SubDAO capability for Metaverse Guilds and NFT management
2022 Q3
Integration of multiple Web3 tools, including
· Signing protocol for electronic agreement.
· Ecosystem enhancement to allow support for Web3 protocols such as mirror and poap
· Metaverse tools for DAO
2022 Q4
· Deploying SubDAO using ink contract
· Releasing Pallet version upon partnerships with Polkadot /Kusama parachains
· Announcing LAOs – Limited Liability Autonomous Organizations, to enable DAOs in a legally recognized environment after technical cooperation with regulatory authorities.
2023 Q1~Q2
· Commencement of Hackathon Program
· Integration of SubDAO into web2 social tools such as Twitter and Discord
· Integration with more Web3 tools
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