Components of the SubDAO project include the SubDAO Side-node, Template Library, SubDAO Guard, Asset Vault, SubDAO Airfone, and Front End.
· The SubDAO Side-Node is the fundamental component of the SubDAO network that facilitates the fetching of external off-chain data needed for DAO governance.
· The Template Library is the central component of the SubDAO network, consisting of multiple contracts. The main functionality of the Template Library is to manage and provide various DAO Templates for different types of organizations.
Everyone has the right to define specialized DAO Templates according to their needs; the SubDAO network provides default DAO Templates for Voting, Funding, Venture capital (V.C.), etc.
· The SubDAO Guard is the default governance tool of the SubDAO network. It provides basic management functionalities, allowing every member of the SubDAO network to be involved in the SubDAO network governance.
· The Asset Vault is the smart contract tool that provides the primary asset management features for each DAO. In synergy with the DAO Template, the Asset Vault manages all kinds of assets, including the assets needed in creating a new DAO, the assets deposited by the governors of a DAO, and other assets.
· The SubDAO Airfone is the Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to connect their dApps with DAOs created by themselves or others. The Airfone is currently provided as a Javascript library; it will be compatible with other programming languages in the future. Hence, developers can use the SubDAO Airfone to directly interact with the SubDAO network or build their dApps to connect with existing/new DAOs.
· The Front End provides an easily interactable Web U.I. for SubDAO network participants. All they need to do is open the webpage deployed by the SubDAO Labs team or other users. From the Front End, users can create a new DAO, define a new DAO template, withdraw personal assets, vote in DAOs, and so on. The Front End will be built with NodeJS.
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